Helium Balloon Inflation Services at Spotlight

Balloon Inflation Services

Balloons are a fabulous addition to any celebratory occasion, and at Spotlight you can find balloons in a huge range of colours, sizes and styles to suit your party or special event. With a selection of over 30 solid colour balloons, 100 printed latex balloons and more than 150 foil balloon designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect balloons for your next celebration at Spotlight.

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Spotlight's balloon inflation service is available in most stores, where you can order helium balloons, balloon bouquets, confetti balloons, helium foil balloons and air filled balloons - just to name a few options. You also have the option of adding Hi-Float to your helium balloons to extend their float time. Spotlight's in-store balloon inflation covers everything from single balloons to orders for large party venues. Pop into your nearest Spotlight store with a Spartys Inflation Station and let us do the tricky work of balloon inflation and arrangement for you!

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Spotlight Balloon Inflation Prices

The prices for inflating your chosen balloons at our Inflation Station are determined by the size and type of balloon, as different balloons require different volumes of helium or air. Our dedicated Spartys team members can also create custom balloon bouquets and arrangements to suit your party theme and budget, with service fees dependent on the number of balloons and complexity of the arrangement.

Latex & Confetti Balloon Inflation Prices

Latex balloons at Spotlight are available in a huge array of colours. Choose from pastel tones, printed balloons, metallic latex balloons and jumbo latex balloons in 60 cm and 90 cm sizes. We also clear latex balloons that can be filled with your own choice of confetti, as well as gender reveal balloons for anyone anticipating a new arrival. Latex balloons can be inflated with helium and come complete with matching or contrasting ribbons of your choice. You can also opt to have your balloons inflated with air if you don't need them to float.

Latex Balloons Inflation Prices

12 - 30 cm Latex

$1.20 ea

40 - 45 cm Latex

$6 ea

60 cm Latex

$15 ea

90 cm Latex (60% Helium / 40% Air)

$25 ea


$0.60 ea

Confetti (Service fee)

$1 ea

Air Fill (excludes Air Walkers & Airloonz)

$0.20 ea

20x Helium Inflated 30cm Plain

20 for $20

20x Helium Inflated 30cm Printed or Reflex

20 for $30

Inflation prices exclude the cost of individual balloons, balloon packs or additional confetti.

Hot Buy Offers 20 for $20 & 20 for $30: Hi Float, Balloon Weight, Balloon Arranging available for an additional fee.

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Foil & Specialty Balloon Inflation Prices

Foil balloons feature colourful printed designs to add a shiny, metallic sheen to your party decor. Explore a massive selection of shaped designs like dinosaur foil balloons, heart foil balloons, star foil balloons and much more! Spotlight also stocks supershape foil balloons to add dramatic impact to your celebration, and life sized airwalker balloons designs like Elsa from Frozen or Spiderman.

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If you want to create instant impact to your party decorations, Spotlight's foil balloons range also includes foil balloon bouquets, where you can find packs of 5 foil balloons bundled together by theme or popular character designs. Discover Bluey balloon bouquets, Harry Potter balloon bouquets and Star Wars balloon bouquets just to name a few!

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Spotlight's selection of specialty balloons includes unique designs like Orbz balloons, which are large, spherical balloons in clear and metallic foil styles. Choose from printed and plain Orbz to suit your party theme.

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Foil & Specialty Balloons Inflation Prices

45 cm Foil

$3 ea

Supershape Foil

$8 ea

Pre-Packaged Balloon Bouquet

$16 ea

Airwalker Foil

$20 ea

66 cm Number Foil

$6 ea

80cm+ Number/Letter Foil

$8 ea

Orbz, Cubez, Clearz & Bubbles

$8 ea

Balloon Bouquet Arrangements

At Spotlight's Balloon Inflation Stations you can customise and create your own unique balloon bouquet arrangements. Select balloons of any colour and style, and for an additional service fee our Spartys team members will artfully arrange your chosen combinations and secure them to a balloon weight of your choosing. Balloon bouquets make wonderful additions to tables as centrepieces, or opt for longer ribbon lengths if you're placing them on the floor.

Balloon Bouquet & Arrangement Service Fee Prices

1-4 Balloons


5-10 Balloons


10+ Balloons


Complex Bouquet Arrangement (e.g. Arch, Balloon Garland)

from $10

Inflation prices exclude the cost of individual balloons, balloon packs and balloon weights

Balloon Inflation Services

Balloon Inflation Kits & Tanks Hire

If you're looking to have a large number of balloons at your party or are organising an event at short notice, why not consider inflating your own balloons? Spotlight's ready-to-go helium tank kits and tank hire service allow you to inflate the balloons at home or the party venue, rather than figuring out how to transport them from the store.

Helium Tank Home Inflation Kits

Maximise the float time of your balloons with easy to use helium tanks & balloon kits. Helium Tank kits are available in all stores and include a lightweight and easy to use balloon tank. Simply bring this kit with you to your event location and inflate the balloons on site! Once the tank is empty it can be recycled by most local councils. We also have electric balloon pumps to take the hard work out of air filling your balloons

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Helium Tank Hire

To inflate larger numbers of balloons, Spotlight also gives you the option of hiring one of our helium tanks from our Inflation Stations. A deposit of $100 is required for tank hire. The deposit is refundable on return of the tank within the agreed time frame in an undamaged condition.

Contact your local Spotlight store today for all of your party balloon supply needs!

Balloon Gas Tank Hire Fees


D Tank (Fills approx. 100 standard 28 cm latex balloons)


Balloons & Inflation Station FAQs

Will Spotlight inflate balloons not purchased in store?

Absolutely! We're happy to inflate balloons not purchased from Spotlight, but we can't guarantee their quality. An additional service fee applies to externally supplied balloon(s) which includes labour & ribbon.

Note: Charges still apply to externally supplied balloons that pop during inflation.

Additional Service Fee for Externally Supplied Balloons (per balloon)


Own Balloon Fee (Per Balloon - Excludes Inflation)


How do I place a balloon order at Spotlight?

To place your balloon order, head into your nearest store with an inflation station. Browse the range of balloons in store, where our Sparties team members can help you find the perfect balloons for your celebration. They’ll take down your specific order details and keep your balloons aside until they need to be inflated. Make sure you keep a copy of your order form for collection.

How far in advance should I place my balloon order?

We ask that large balloon orders (orders of 10 or more) are placed two weeks in advance to ensure that the store has enough helium and balloons to meet your requirements. With all balloon orders, please contact or visit your store in advance to make sure that they can accommodate your order, as some days (particularly Saturdays) book up quickly.

What is Hi-Float?

Hi-Float is a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable treatment that extends the floatation time of latex balloons. A thin layer is applied to the inside of the balloon, sealing up the naturally occurring pores in the latex to contain the helium for longer. Hi-Float is clear so it won’t change the colour of your balloons, and is also used with confetti balloons to adhere the confetti to the balloon’s surface.

How long do helium balloons last?

Latex balloons will stay inflated for around 10 hours, and foil balloons with helium will stay afloat for a few days to a week depending on the environment. If you need your latex balloons to float for longer, have them treated with Hi-Float to extend their inflation time to 24-48 hours.

What’s the best way to transport my balloons?

For your safety, balloons should always be contained in a net or bag when travelling. As a rule of thumb, about 50 inflated balloons (standard 28 cm latex balloons) will fit in the back of a family sedan. For larger orders, time your collection if you have to make more than one trip, or get a family member or friend to help you transport the extra balloons. Alternatively, you can purchase a Helium Tank Kit or balloon gas cylinder hire for inflation at home or the venue.

How should I store my balloons at home?

If you have collected inflated balloons ahead of your event, ensure that you safely store them at home to maximise their floatation time. This means keeping them in an environment with a stable temperature, as sudden increases in warmth or cold can cause balloons to expand out of shape. Remove the balloons from their bags as soon as you get home, as static build up from bags can cause balloons to pop.

Will my balloons be inflated if ordered through Click & Collect?

Balloons ordered online with home delivery or click & collect will not be inflated.

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