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Enjoy An Organised Bedroom With Storage Solutions From Spotlight

At Spotlight, we have the solutions to bring your bedroom storage ideas to life that will help create more space in your wardrobe or closet. No matter if you have a small bedroom or just a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories, you can find a smart way to store them right here. Make sure to check out bedroom storage furniture from quality brands like LT Williams, Evolve Lifewares and Brampton House to find the best ways to store your clothing at home.

Why Bedroom Storage Solutions Are So Important

It is tempting to kick your shoes off your feet into your wardrobe and chuck your outfit on the floor, the end of the bed or on 'the chair' (don't worry, lots of us have one!). But taking the time to correctly store them is always the best option, for a multitude of reasons.

For starters, clothes on the floor will accumulate dust and dirt, so hanging them properly will keep them clean for longer. It will also prevent them from creasing, lessening the amount of ironing you have to do! Finally, having your clothing stored in its spot means you'll always be able to find it when you need it, instead of digging through piles of clothing in a rush.

Bedroom Storage FAQs

What material is best for clothes hangers?

If you find your clothing slipping off their hangers, it may be worthwhile switching off the classic smooth plastic or wire hanger. Velvet and silk hangers provide a 'grippier' base for your clothing, meaning they won't slip off or out of place. Quality wooden coat hangers will hold up under heavy clothing and their smooth surface won't irritate the surface of your more delicate pieces of clothing.

Accessories like belt organisers should also be made from durable materials, as many belts can be quite heavy and you don't want your good leather belts cracking or being damaged on a cheap hanger.

How can I store things in a small bedroom?

Making use of your storage space can be hard when you have a small bedroom to work with. Areas to look for extra space in include the bottom of your wardrobe (install a shoe rack with two levels to allow you to neatly store more of your shoes), under your bed (special slide-out under bed cases are great for clothes, shoes and even books), on the back of your door (hang shoe racks, hanging organisers or a large coat or two here) and any free wall space (command hooks are great for making the most of space, especially in a rental). If you have floor space, standing racks on wheels are also a great hanging storage solution for large shirts, dresses and pants.

Should I vacuum seal my clothing?

Vacuum sealing clothing sucks all the air out of them, shrinking them down and making them much easier to store. It's a great idea if you plan on having a seasonal wardrobe, or if you are worried about moisture or insects damaging your clothes.

Certain materials shouldn't be vacuum sealed, as it can damage them - leather will crease and wrinkle, faux fur and wool will be damaged and lose their shape, and puffer jackets and sleeping bags will permanently lose their delightful fluffiness.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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Find The Right Bedroom Storage At Spotlight

Keep your bedroom neat and tidy with some bedroom storage from Spotlight! You can browse the range of standing and hanging organisers online, with many payment options and home delivery available for you to choose from. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the right bedroom storage solutions for you. You can find even more bedroom storage ideas in our amazing article, 10 Storage Solutions For Wardrobes. And read our bedding buying guides for help in finding the right bedding for your home!



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