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Anniversary or birthday, make every occassion special with Spotlight's range of Numbered candles. For amazing deals, shop in-store & online now!

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Shop Number Candles For Your Cake

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or important milestone, number candles can make the occasion all the more special! Spotlight's cake numbers come in gorgeous colours and come in matte, metallic and glitter varieties.

What Kinds of Number Candles Can I Find at Spotlight?

Spotlight's birthday number candles range from zero to nine, giving you everything you need for any number combination. Our number birthday candles come in all sorts of colours and effects - we have metallic silver and gold number candles and sparkly number candles in a range of colours like pink, blue and black. Our number candles for birthday cakes have thick, sturdy bases For more birthday candle options, check out our full range of cake candles.

What Else Can I Use to Decorate My Cake?

When it comes to bedazzling your cake, there's a lot more you can add than just candles! Our cake decorating supplies page has everything you need, including cake toppers and cake sparklers. Spotlight also has heaps of edible cake decorations that will add flavour, texture and YUM to your desserts! Our cake mixes and ingredients will ensure your base cake is perfect every time, while our fondants and icing pastes will ensure your cake looks gorgeous and professional - apply them using quality cake decorating tools. Our colour and flavour additions can be used to create incredible colours and out-there flavours in your desserts, and you can top them all off with any of our edible decorations that can be used to add some tasty bling you won't be able to resist trying!

When your cake is all finished, keep it safe and sound in any of our cake packaging boxes or display stands - there's nothing worse than your cake being smudged, crushed or dropped after all the hard work is done!

Find the Perfect Number Candles For Your Celebration at Spotlight

Celebrate in style with Spotlight's number candles. Once you have made your order online, you can choose to pick it up as a click and collect or have it safely delivered straight to your door. If you prefer to shop in person, head to your local Spotlight store and our lovely team members will be happy to help you find the right number candles for your event.

Now that you have your candles, let's set up the rest of your party! For all the party supplies you need (and more!), check out our comprehensive online party page. You can also find heaps of party inspiration and projects on our website - check out our cakes and confectionery page for heaps of fun recipes and our celebrate blog for unique party ideas, tips and tricks.



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